Sweet N Sassy Stamps and My Sweet Petunia Blog Hop

Hey Friends! Thanks for stopping by! I’m so pumped to share my post! Make sure you play along and follow the hop to be entered to win a GIVEWAY!!! Comment on EACH post for a chance to win a $50 gift card to either Sweet N Sassy Stamps or My Sweet Petunia. YAY!!!

Here is my finished page I created with my Original Misti. Scroll below to see and read my process tips.

Start by positioning your bible so it fits on the board and the top section will fold without bending your page. I bought an extra bar magnet. And I would recommend you buy one too if purchasing the Misti.

Position the stamps where you want them on your page. And then close the lid to pick up the stamps on it.

Look how BLACK and CRISP the ink is!!! You can re-stamp and it perfectly aligns in the exact same spot.

Above shows how I used a metal clip to keep my bible folded back while I worked on this page.

SHOP for the products by clicking on the pictures below!!!

Now here are the rest of the amazing ladies that are showing off their creations. Don’t forget to comment on each post.

So glad you HOPPED by! Enjoy the rest of your hops!

Much love, Colleen

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56 thoughts on “Sweet N Sassy Stamps and My Sweet Petunia Blog Hop

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  1. I have often wondered how Bible journalers stamped their images…I always assumed people were using acrylic blocks. Thanks for sharing your use of the MISTI for this. Love those stamps–they’re on my wish list! ๐Ÿ™‚ (jazzchild9 at yahoo dot com)


  2. So many clever ideas while using the MISTI! LOVE your gorgeous Bible Journaling and all of the wonderful uplifting sentiments!


  3. Wow! Such beautifully vibrant colors! I never would have thought of using the Misti on a page like that. Thank you for sharing this techinque!


  4. What a pretty page Colleen… love the pretty colors… what a great tip on positioning your page in the Misti… I’ve never tried it before!


  5. Your page is so bright and beautiful. Good to learn how to use the MISTI in a journal or Bible! Thanks for the tips.


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